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Game Overview

Exodus: Grand Melee is a 2d 4x rts game

Exodus is 4x strategy and empire simulation game for pc that focuses on combining grand scale strategic campaigns, simultanious turn based mech/combined arms combat, and galactic empire building simulation into one game. Players take control of a mercenary company, customize and expand company assets, bid on contracts for missions from large factions, and battle against each other for control over resources, territory, and politics, in a massive game universe.

Let the Players Decide how to play

Has been the guiding mantra while designing Exodus. As the players command there forces they are faced with making decisions that could alter their character's and Merc Company’s legal standing. Players can choose to act lawful or chaotic, good or evil, or anywhere in between as players and even entire factions are regulated by galactic laws with powerful interdiction powers.

The Mercenary Company is where players start the game

With a single small star ship and a light company of mercs on board ready for action, the players can choose to play single player simultanious turn based combat missions vs AI that are part of a larger grand scale campaign that's happening live in the game universe. Once players are familiar with the game, and have an upgraded ship and forces, they can move away from the center of the colonised worlds out to the territories of the Elite House's where war never ends and high paying contracts are plentiful.

The Elite House's

Are AI managed factions that occupy territory within the game universe. Players can act as the military arm of the faction by providing offensive and defensive planning and execution of combat mission contracts.

Territory ownership

Comes with the ability to develop those territories into a massive galactic empire. Players can manage the development of cites by directly managing the build queue order and placement of facilities to be more effective. Tactical placement of defensive facilities near key military and civilian installations can have significant effects on the results of combat, and is critical to the success of defensive operations.


Takes on a whole new importance in Exodus. Player characters can pursue specializations in two main fields of research, empire wide and combat unit design. Empire research focuses on advancing the general technology level of the players faction through various disciplines, granting minor bonuses to infrastructure build times or production speeds, faction ship travel speeds and max jump distance's, food production, mining rates, and other small but still significant faction wide bonuses. 

Combat Unit Design

In Exodus will be ongoing and intense during a full scale war. Players can customize combat unit designs extensively and research them with light units being completed as quickly as a couple of days! Changing the armor type on a unit can make it more or less vulnerable to various types of weapons damage. Choosing which weapon systems and equipment to use determines how that combat unit is most effectively used at various ranges, speeds, and terrain conditions against limitless types and combinations of enemies! Unit design turns into a complex game of tactical forethought and balanced force unit composition.

At the End

All players will be faced with a difficult choice. All great things must come to an end, but what if it didn't have to? we have chosen to let the players decide by putting the choice of a game reset into the players hands. There will be a list of game ending win conditions that covers all aspects of game play. Politics, economics, military strength, research, and so on. As each win condition is met it will trigger the appearance of an enemy invasion force local to the faction who met the condition. This invasion force grows larger and larger as more win conditions are met, eventually becoming large enough to potentially defeat all the factions in the galaxy combined. The invading enemy will be intelligent, organized, technologically advanced, and have an unshakable goal to strip the resources from every planet in the known galaxy or die trying.

Fight, flee, or commit treason?!

Players can choose to create alliances and fight the invaders, pushing them back to where they come from and preventing galaxy wide xenocide, which is a difficult task but not an impossible one. The players can choose to flee the galaxy, join a mass "Exodus" and start a new life in a fresh home (game reset). Finally, players can choose to commit the ultimate treason and become mercenaries of the invaders! By doing so players gain access to advanced technology and a seemingly limitless supply of resources and fresh troops.

No one gets left behind in Exodus

there is a niche for every player type in the game. Warriors, Diplomats, Leaders, Builders, Researchers, Miners, Merchants, Spy's! Every player type has a purpose, a goal, and a means to an end.


 Game Features
  • A massive 2d game universe with thousands of star systems provides players with limitless locations to explore.
  • Empire building on a massive scale.
  • Grand Scale Strategic Campaigns between factions over territory, resources, and politics.
  • Single player PvE campaigns.
  • Simultanious turn based combat modes.
  • Fog of war and situational effects in combat.
  • Players choose how to play and when!: Mercenary for hire, Opportunistic Pirate, Elite house warrior, Researcher, Engineer, and more!
  • Generated battlefields offer limitless tactical options
  • Combat unit customization keeps combat fresh and the enemy scrambling to counter your latest unit design.
  • Empire research advances through "ages". As a faction advances to higher ages, technology from previous ages becomes available to all other factions in the game.

Game Back Story

Year: 2209

Despite numerous wars and conflicts, mankind manages to colonize the Moon, Mars, and several of the outer moons of Jupiter and Saturn.  Various technological innovations have allowed for the colonization process to proceed relatively smoothly without any major setbacks.  The outer colonies receive necessary supplies to maintain operations and in return, provide Earth with scientific information and resources.

In an advanced lab on Jupiters moon of Titan a scientific breakthrough has been made.  A form of what appears to be faster than Light travel has been discovered. This leads to an outbreak of civil war and conflict due to various interests that wish to stay within the solar system and those who wish to leave, to start new worlds and new beginnings.

Year: 2228

After nearly 20 years of engineering efforts, two methods of manipulating the potential energy field, used to travel faster than light, had been proven reliable and efficient.  The first method involved a fluctuating field pattern that created a perceived movement effect of constant motion.  This method was supported by most scientists and engineers as being more reliable due to the fact that if a malfunction occurred with the ship drive would simply stop moving.  The second method was lesser supported but equally useful for reaching a destination.  This method "charged" the potential energy field to a certain level and then forced the release of the fields energy in a controlled manner to allow a nearly instantaneous movement to the destination.  In situations where the field was not properly managed, however, the resulting loss of field management resulted in the total destruction of the vessel and nearby objects.

With the perfection of faster than light travel, humanity was now free to roam the stars.  Though many would have predicted that this would have resulted in the mass depopulation of Earth, this was not the case.  The great majority of people were content to stay on Earth and deal with life as they knew it.  It turned out that only about 25% of the world actually wanted to travel away from Earth and brave the unknown.  This 25% coincidently was all the sociopolitical demographics that were not quite comfortable with the way things were done on Earth.  So in the best interests of the general well being of everyone, they were sent off with blessings and support to create new colonies, new Earth's, so that humanity was no longer frail and limited to just one planet in the universe.

Year: 2353

over a century later, Earth and its people had all but forgotten the colony ships sent out so long ago. Without oversight from Earth, each colony radically changed its structure and protocols to allow them to survive on their own. Government as we know it no longer exists among these pioneers, with each group forming there own special interests. They created new technologies and lifestyles that better accommodated their beliefs and traditions. Once established, each colony sent back emissaries to get more people to leave Earth and join them in achieving higher goals. After seeing the reports of how well the colonies had prospered after leaving Earth, there was almost mass hysteria in the desire to join them.  As a result Earth quickly lost over 75% of its population to the colonies. Rendering Earth almost a ghost town of what it used to be.

Utilizing this influx of support each colony raced to expand its territory borders which quickly sparked minor skirmishes that are now building in intensity. Differences of ideology between colonies are causing heated debates between diplomats and ruling bodies. Full scale war looms on the horizon, looks like business is about to pick up.

Commander Hordwon,

 Hellion Lancers Merc Unit



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